Understanding about Best Acoustic Guitar Strings


If you play acoustic guitar, like I do, you will have to buy new acoustic guitar strings at some point. Going to a musical instrument store is one way to find the right strings you need, but between using the time for spent traveling and the higher prices, it’s no longer your best choice.

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs for Beginners

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Playing easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners takes a lot of patience, perseverance and practice to be able to gain the skill. A lot of people believe that the guitar is one of the most difficult instruments to learn for you have to have a keen ear to be able to hear the correct notes.

Choosing the Best Quality Headphones with High Quality Sounds

If you looking for a pair of best quality headphone for your smart-phone, tablet, media player, computer, or other and are confusing because how to get the right one with affordable price, best high quality sounds and comfortable when wearing it? Don’t worry, you should read this post which give you some good idea before buying one.

21 Great Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing [Part2]

Great Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing

11. Learn some new guitar chords.

Let’s face it. In most popular songs, 80% of the guitar parts involve playing chords. This means that the vast majority of your playing, especially if you are in a band, is related to chords.

So spend some time working on new guitar chords.

21 Great Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing [Part1]

Guitar Playing

It’s a common scenario.

You’ve been playing guitar for a while, you’re making good progress and then out of nowhere, all of a sudden, it doesn’t seem to matter what you do—you just can’t seem to make any progress!

You practice, practice, practice, but don’t see any results.