Choosing the Best Quality Headphones with High Quality Sounds

If you looking for a pair of best quality headphone for your smart-phone, tablet, media player, computer, or other and are confusing because how to get the right one with affordable price, best high quality sounds and comfortable when wearing it? Don’t worry, you should read this post which give you some good idea before buying one.


What are the best quality headphones?

So, the first question you should know is “what are the best quality headphones? ”. After answer that question that mean you have 60% information for how to choose best quality headphones.

Some features of quality headphones:

  • High quality sounds: Good quality headphones will produce full rich deep sounds with balanced across treble, midrange, and bass frequencies. There are no standard testing the sounds of headphone, the best way to test headphones sounds are be use your ears to listen them out or read reviews from other customer if you tend to purchase online.
  • Comfortable to wear: Along with quality sound, comfortable is one of the most important thing that you need consider for buying new one. Comfortable to wear that helps you enjoy music completely.
  • Protect your ears: If you wear headphone and to listen music at loud levels for extended time, that can cause hearing loss. So, you should choose headphones which designed with built-in volume limits controls.
  • Durability and Warranty for use: Normally, some famous headphone brands have warranty for long time to use

TIP: You shouldn’t listen at more than 70% of the maximum volume if you use your headphones throughout the day, and more than 80% of the volume if you use them for an hour.

So, How to choose the best cheap headphones with best quality sounds?

dance with headphone

Before continue reading, I recommend you read this article talk about: The most popular headphones types on the market, this help you know exactly what type of headphone do you need.

Your budget:

Set your budget before buying a headphone is always necessary. I have to say that there’s nothing call a “best” headphones. The “best” is here that depend on your set up budget because “you get what you pay for” and the way you using headphone for.

When you decide to buy a best headphone from famous brands, you are not just paying for the brand, you’re also paying for the trusted quality too.

The best quality headphone types for you:

Every type of headphone will suit for different of the purpose. You should have different headphones types for different applications like indoor, outdoor, travel, office environments and so on.

For instance:

  • For travel you should get a headphone with high-end or noise isolation
  • For sports you should get one with a right fit, water and sweat resistant
  • For video conferencing and chats you need a headphone with good noise cancellation microphone.
  • For watch TV late at night, a wireless headphone or full size headphone is best.
  • For gamers you should look at headphone with 3D/surround sounds.
  • And so on …

Where to buy and how to test a headphone:

Before you consider to purchases a good quality headphone, it’s always best to attempt to find a local store where you can try and test many headphones types by yourself and see what if suit your ears.

cool headphone

However, you can buy it online too, but make sure you purchase from a trusted store or trusted website that has a good return policy and good warranty, so you can try it, and if you don’t like it, you can send back without any extra fee.

Note: When you buy online, if you don’t want to buy headphones just based on what you see online. Let reading reviews online from many customers who purchased online before. Some big websites like Newegg, Amazon for reviews from real customers and CNET, Macworld, for professional reviews.

Conclusion – Remember that “you’ll get what you pay for”

Generally, the higher price – the better quality, some expensive headphones are made with high quality materials and good technology that improving the sound quality and comfortable to use.

For instance: with $20 of headphones will sound fine, but not as good as $100 of ones. With < $100 range, you will get best quality headphones sounds for enjoy music that you have never heard before.

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